Monsoon Wedding Grass - Print on Canvas - Wall Art

Love is walking in the rain together with cotton clouds floating into your life, adding colours of joy to your sunset sky. Love and Rain have a deep connection. Butterflies embody the passionate bond of endless love of our souls’ transitioning with time telling tales of triumph and the ceremonial entrée of pureness in rhythm. Blessings be.


Available Material:
1. MDF (Recommended Material)
2. Canvas

Standard Size:
3′ X 3′

Product Rate Excluding Frame:

Product Rate Including Frame:


Price Including Frame:


• CANVAS : We recommend to use a clean and dry cotton cloth to wipe. Be careful to lightly dampen cleaning cloth so the solution does not seep inside the frame and ruin the image, mounting or paper.

• MDF : Avoid using any commercial cleansers or furniture polishes on MDF, as these may dull its surface and cause a sticky residue to build up over time.

Dispatch in 1-2 weeks

Each Art is available to purchase with or without a frame.
Prices are subject to change for customised pieces.

Canvas Material Width can’t go above 5′. Reason being the raw material width is 5′, either of the width or height has to be 5′ or less, for us to print the artwork on canvas.

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