Faceted Bowl - Green Décor Vase - Small

Gorgeous in green with facets catching light in a dual reflection of white and emerald, this faceted bowl décor vase in hand-blown glass with murrine technique can be a stand-alone stunning decoration piece or with flower arrangements as you please.

Emerald & White

Handblown Glass with Murrine Technique

Standard Size:
DIA-6.5″ X H-7″

Packaging Size:
L-7.5″W-7.2″ X H-7.5″




• Glass vases are easy to use and clean, just wipe clean with damp cloth.
• Since they are watertight, you don’t need to worry about leaks from a glass vase. Put them anywhere in your house without fear of water staining the carpet or ruining the hardwood.

Dispatch in 1-2 weeks

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