Taffy Japon - Digital Print Satin Silk - Limited Edition Pocket Sq. (Set of 4)


Konnichiwa! It’s a Taffy Day!
Taffy Japon Pocket Square is quite the vision in its delicious ensemble of elements and colours. Suit-up in subtle shades and entrancing elements of positive energy for that instant sweet high and spruce up your style. Can also be styled as a Twilly in multiple ways by women.

ART AROUND THE CLOCK – Limited Edition Art Series sifts through time and cuts through cultural barriers as Raseel at Casa Pop recreates past forums of art in her own design vocabulary that is vibrant and bold.

A riot of colours and art inspired design makes this accessory story irresistible.

This Limited Edition Pocket Square is sold in a Set of Four of your choice.


Satin Silk

Standard Size:
14″ x 14″




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