Lifestyle designer Raseel Gujral Ansal is a true colourist. Known for her au courant home accents, which come punctured with art, the maverick loves hues as they give her a buzz. The brain behind luxury décor brand Casa Paradox, Ansal believes that colours give interiors their worth. As one of India’s leading lifestyle designers, Raseel Gujral has been ceaselessly valued for her outstanding ability in leading architecture and interior design trends over the past 25 years. Her design philosophy emphasizes a refined use of art, magnificent objects, patterns, strong silhouettes, textures and a sophisticated color palette, that is beautifully balanced to provide a refined original signature.

The cosmopolitan and kitschy pret diffusion line, Casa POP is targeted towards the young urban diva and lays emphasis on ‘High Voltage Living’ with a design language that is born in India, made in India, for the world. The all-new showcase is a composition of home and fashion accessories by Raseel Gujral Ansal, along with hand-picked products, in tandem with the personality of POP. This one-of-a-kind retail concept presents a range of limited edition pieces that ferment the brand’s legacy whilst ensuring it appeals to the trendy and vibrant urban consumer.

The newest range of wallpapers was conceived out of a personal need for indigenous and original solutions for projects, departing from the usual occidental vocabulary in wallpapers and textiles while dressing up one’s home. Raseel Gujral Ansal plans to launch a unique set of wallpapers at regular intervals. The first volume comprises a novel concept of Room Scene wallpapers which along with the coordinates create individualized room concepts. The pilot collection is a play on graphic illusion and theatrical ornamentation that lurks in every Indian soul. A fusion of Indian and Western, the wallpaper collection is Raseel’s evolution to a spontaneous and vibrant format, featuring graphic art that can be subliminally infused into every room space to inject a punch of spice and drama. Through the series ofwallpapers, Raseel provides an effortless way of breathing art into every cranny of your space thereby lending it a character and a language that your décor eventually speaks. It’s very important to be your own and showcase your own sensibility, especially in a personal space. The mood of the line is young, buoyant and contemporary India. Currently, CasaPOP’s line of wallpapers has 250 plus distributors in India and several international distributors that we are tying up with. These creative surface options have already begun making sizeable waves!

Raseel Gujral’s exceptional taste and unconventional approach to design has made her one of the most sought after designers in India. From fabrics to furniture, home décor and architecture, her designs are luxurious yet vibrant at the same time